A Shrine to Adorable Shin-Chan
Welcome to Reshelles! This small shrine is dedicated to Shin, the youngest Leife Knight from the anime show Legend of Snow White Pretear. Follow the links above to navigate the site. We have been open since April 2002. Enjoy your visit!


January 3, 2014
Wow! It has been a while, huh!?

People who have visited this website before may have noticed the new landing page--That is because I plan to eventually start using the www.tsunamiumi.com domain name to host additional websites, such as a few webcomics and other anime fan pages that I have in the works. Reshelles! has simply become a subdomain of the larger tsunamiumi domain.

There are a few other updates to the website. The Merchandise page was updated, and several broken images around the site were fixed as well. The "Sign the Guestbook" page was taken down because it was being run by Yahoo! Webhosting, which I am no longer using. In addition, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to the site's html & css coding that aren't noticeable on the surface but affect the underlying site structure.

This website has not been updated very much (...Ok, it has not been updated AT ALL) for several years. Why? Well, to be quite frank, I have moved on to enjoying many more anime shows than just Pretear. However, I do still love Pretear, so I am going to continue hosting this website for the forseeable future. It will unlikely be updated from here on out though.

April 25, 2010
A few weeks ago I was notified that the music files on this site were no longer working properly. After looking into the issue, I found that the music files had somehow become corrupted--they no longer contained any data. Not only have I fixed this problem, but I have made the music page better than ever! Now you can download and listen to the entire first soundtrack! Plus, all of the Japanese song titles are now correct, and the English translations of those titles are fairly accurate as well. Enjoy!

May 1, 2009
We have a new Keeper for the Keeper's List! Magik Waters is now keeping Hayate's left shoe! Magik Waters has also contributed to our Fan Art Gallery, so go check it out!

February 17, 2009
The Screen Shot Gallery is finally back again. Check it out for scenes from the Pretear anime!

November 3, 2007
Today Reshelles is undergoing a major rennovation. Visible changes may not be that great, but the underlying structure is being transformed. Since its birth roughly 5 years ago, Reshelles has been maintained using the Pagebuilder software provided by Yahoo Webhosting. As of today, Reshelles is officially entirely composed of human-made code. I have been working on the code for the past several weeks and hopefully there will not be any glitches. If, however, you run across something in the site that is not working, please feel free to contact me and let me know about it.

Besides this major change, some other changes have been made. The YKYWTMPW list now has several new ideas, added by Tsumara Awayuki. The Fan Art Gallery has been dramatically expanded due to a donation of Pretear artwork from the website Pre with Me.

May 11, 2007
Nenene has been added to the keeper's list as the holder of Hayate's jumpsuit outfit (the one he wears while working as a handyman).

March 1, 2007
Two updates within a year of each other? Nay, within a week of each other?? 'Tis a miracle.

Basically I just updated some things here and there. Links are updated. Some info on the manga pages is updated. There is a new FAQ entry regarding the Seven Knights Novel, since people keep asking me about it and I decided to make the information easily accessible.

February 26, 2007
An announcement about the message board (not that anyone uses it anyway): I have recently added a security measure to the board. Now when you post a comment, you will be asked to type in some letters and numbers that are printed in a picture. This prevents spam-bots from being able to post. Hopefully it will reduce the number of spam messages that are posted.

October 14, 2006
Hi everyone, I am alive.

#1. I haven't been keeping up with the "Song of the Month" thing, but I have something to make it up to you with-- I put all the songs, including two new ones, back up permanently on the Music page. Yahoo recently upped the amount of bandwith I receive, so things should be ok now. Also, all the songs are saved as .zip files, so you will be forced to save them on your computer in order to listen to them.

#2. I fixed, removed, and added a few links on the Links page, since some sites have closed in the past few months.

#3. I added a bunch of new wallpapers, and redid the wallpaper section in general. Now you can get different sizes for some of the wallpapers, in case you have a different screen resolution. :)

#4. I fiddled with the guestbook feature of the site. It used to work a very, very long time ago (we're talking a few years here). Then it stopped working because it was full up with entries. I finally figured out how to archive these entries, so that new entries could be added. The older entries are not viewable in the guest book any longer, but can be seen in the Guestbook Archive.

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