A Shrine to Adorable Shin-Chan
The Pretear Keeper's List

The Keeper's List is arechives names of those who safeguard items from Pretear. If you want to join the list, then please send me an e-mail stating your name and the object you want to "keep". Please note that people and traits do NOT count as objects. To keep everything fair, there is a limit of only ONE object per person.

Tsunami - Shin's Amulet
Miliet - Kei's Lucky Charm
Priss - Hayate's Hair Clip
Sugomi - Shin's Cape
Kasumi - The Kendama
Haruka - Sasame's Glasses
Bunnie - Sasame's Earring
Jessica - Mannen's Necklace
Killua - Hayate's Liefe Knight Uniform
Karly - Sasame's Necklace
Kagomea - Hayate's Tidy Whiteys
Orae - Goh's Metal Choker
Rowlena - Himeno's Bag
Youma - Mannan's Bracelet
JSF - Sasame's Leife Knight Outfit (partly shared by Linda)*
Chel - Himeno's Pajamas
Dejah - Hayate's Casual Outfit (partly shared by Linda)*
Shelly - Mannen's Sweatshirt
Karen - Hayate's Sword of the Wind
Belldandy - Snow Pretear Outfit
Krizthal - Sound Pretear Outfit
Psyche - Plant Pretear Outfit
Sarah - Water Pretear Outfit
Yui - Hajime's Hair Clip
Nyasha-gih - Goh's Fire Ax
Razzy - Mawata's Necklace
Colleen - Wind Pretear Outfit
Lea - Tipi
Chibi-chan - Sasame's Sonic Arrow
Misaki - Sasame's Dark Knight Outfit
Yoko - Shin's Hat
Wren - White Pretear Outfit
Miaka - Himeno's Mother's Special Potted Plant
Grace - Hajime's Liefe Knight Outfit
Ryokou - Kei's "Mini Kei Doll Keychain"
Amethyst Rune - Mawata's Sasame Tapes
Meno-san - Hayate's Jacket
Vivi - Light Pretear Outfit
Mimiko - Sasame's Cross Necklace
Sara - Takako's Dark Outfit
Sofie - Goh's Liefe Knight Outfit
Mike - Hajime's hat
Katao - Fire Pretear Outfit
Austin - Shin's Liefe Knight Outfit
Sondra - Goh's Casual Outfit
Racket - Kei's Ring
Adam - Shin's Dungarees
Gabi - A Lock of Goh's Hair
Lily - Himeno's Headbands
Nenene - Hayate's Jumpsuit Work Outfit
Magik Waters - Hayate's Left Shoe

* When Linda first requested something, it had already been requested by someone else and just not put on the site yet. After this happened again, I decided to make her a half-Keeper of each requested item, rather than making her choose something again.